Reviews and Praise

“The story of one woman’s attempt to find herself in the face of grief, Fear of Flying is a moving and unexpected reminder that fate may deny us what we want, only to give us exactly what we need. Kate Allen is a fresh new voice in fiction.”
Camille Pagán, bestselling author of I’m Fine and Neither Are You 

“…you’ll want to start all over again as soon as you turn the last page, to savour every smart, funny, thrilling line you gulped the first time.”Meg Mason, author of Sorrow and Bliss 

“Kate Allen’s sparkling debut, Fear of Flying, truly soared. From Boston to Amsterdam to Scotland, I loved traveling on this journey – a perfect read during this quarantine. I cheered for Liv from the very first page…a truly honest coming-of-age story.”— Nicole Macaulay, author of Honeymoon Alone

“A fascinating and at times heart-breaking exploration of a young woman drowning in grief and desperate to find air without getting hurt again. Kate Allen is an exciting new author to watch in contemporary women’s fiction.” 
Jennifer Klepper, USA Today bestselling author of Unbroken Threads

“A keen portrait of a shattered woman whose fear of attachment keeps her from recognizing the love she needs. Prose screwed tight with tension held me rapt as I sought hope for Liv, for myself, for us all.”
Kathryn Craft, award-winning author of The Far End of Happy and The Art of Falling

“Allen writes with her audience in mind and delivers an intriguing story that will linger in your thoughts long after the final page. If you’re looking for a character-driven novel to lose yourself in, your search can end with Fear of Flying by Kate Allen.”
Readers’ Favorite (5 Star Review)

“Allen’s emotional debut pulls the reader into a gripping slow-burn romance where our lively and relatable protagonist has to find a way to move forward while letting go of her fears and the past. Heartfelt and honest, this book has all the feels.” Samantha Vérant, author of The Secret French Recipes of Sophie Valroux

“Following Liv’s emotions is gut wrenching. You feel every twist and pain she goes through and get frustrated for her when she won’t commit. It felt so real, not like a work of fiction at all.”  Laura, Goodreads Review

“Collin is a wonderful character. He’s there for Liv when she needs him, and believes in her when she can’t believe in herself. He’s caring, mature and sensitive and I loved him.  

This is a character driven story skillfully written with such engaging dialogue that I felt really emotionally invested with Liv and Collin.” Kerri, Book Off I’m Reading

“To see the growth these two characters go through, especially Liv, was a beautiful thing to witness. At times I forgot this was just a story. I felt as if I was there with Liv, crying along with her. I recommend this novel to anyone who loves literary fiction, introspection, and internal conflict.” Jasmine, All That Jazz

“The emotions of the characters were portrayed so well you often find yourself experiencing them as if you were Liv. Her story is heartbreaking and at times uplifting and I would recommend this to anyone who is into romance.”

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